I’m an encouragement fanatic. I think options are many and obstacles can be overcome or bypassed.

I read and write – a lot.

I’ve spent my life making media. I’m a musician, writer, engineer, producer, artist and encourager of creativity. This makes me scattered and average at a lot of things. I’m never bored but often challenged.

Jesus is my Lord and inspiration.

I love Suzie, a brilliant woman who has survived me, three children and eight cancers with love, courage and selflessness. I want to be my children when I grow up. They are awesome.

I write about creative encouragement, resilience and recovery.

I’m a determined fighter or hardheadedly stubborn, depending on your point of view. I’ve learned more from failure than success. I’ve learned a lot.

I believe that the greatest beauty is internal and can be fleetingly glimpsed.

I love God and enjoy science. Of the two, science has the most to learn.

I’m a reader, explorer, photographer, hiker, caregiver, amateur neurologist, nature lover and frustrated ex-perfectionist.

If I can’t be found, look for me in the mountains.


Ancient historical records of my musical life can be found HERE