This year I want to take full advantage of Easter weekend for a change. Instead of simply doing all of the activities other people have planned for me, I’m going to take change of Easter this time. What do I want to do?

A Prayer Weekend

I’m going to pray and focus on connecting with God. I want to use this as a time of refreshment and perspective. I want to use it as a launching pad for a better future.

I’m going to ask for forgiveness for my sins and strength to be holy – not to make myself better than anyone but to prevent myself from hurting others. God’s holiness fits hand in hand with His love. It is love without sin. It is love without an agenda. It is love that doesn’t hurt others.

A Weekend Of Remembrance

There is no better time to remember what God did for me, the sacrifice of Jesus in my place, the undeserved forgiveness that bestows. There is nothing more humbling. There is nothing more uplifting. There is nothing more healing.

A Weekend Of Forgiveness

Having been forgiven so much for the faults I know so well, I need to forgive others who have caused me great pain this year. I need to let it go, not just for the benefits that it provides me, but because I do not deserve to condemn others for the same shortcomings I possess.

A Weekend Of Healing

I need to gather my strength and fill my spirit with God’s great goodness. I need to reach out in my smallness to God’s bigness. I need to be with those I love and remember why I love them.

A Year Of Service

I need to prepare myself for a year of serving God and others. There are hard things I need to do and I need a cheerful heart to do them. I need a loving spirit beyond my own limitations. I need to use my time well and wisely so that my life is not wasted on my own desires but counts for something bigger than myself.

I need to take advantage of the time I have and the opportunity before me.

May you find the blessings that God has hidden in plain sight all around you like a loving parent hiding Easter eggs for the pleasure of a child’s discovery.