Author: Dennis Ritchie

Why Is There No Grandfathers Day?

Grandfathers Day? It’s wonderful to have a day to sit back and congratulate myself. Time to think deep thoughts and gain perspective, to enjoy the love of wonderful children and, once again, take credit for my wife’s hard work. But life is thick with blessings. I have now lived long enough to take credit for my children’s hard work as well. Having done nothing more than love the most precious people I’ve found on the planet, I find myself the recipient of far more love in return than I ever earned. While there is no justification for it, I...

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Conversion of a Hockey Sceptic: How Nashville became Smashville

I’m from Mississippi. We think ice is for tea. We don’t believe men can skate on water. Seems unnatural somehow. But we also believe in sports. And balls and bats. So the dreamer in me wants to believe that in the great frozen north bats can become sticks and balls can become pucks and men can become bored. Then I moved to the great frozen north myself – Nashville. I discovered that snow did not come from a cone. And that water had other uses than making ice tea and coffee. Like caramel macchiatos. In the end, it all...

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It’s No Excuse Week at My House

No Whining Rule We have a No Whining Rule at my house. Confession time, it’s for me. When you’re in a family of stone-cold super-survivors and the hardest adult thing you’ve ever done is stay up late pushing a record button, you need some guidelines. I’m getting a cold. That’s not an excuse. My head hurts. I’m coughing. I ache all over. These are facts, people! I got the cold from an un-named family member whom I love dearly. I resisted naming names. So far so good. The Plot Thickens Today, however, reveals a disturbing trend. Rather than suffer...

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Breakfast Surprise

Suzie woke with the alarm and immediately asked, “Do you want McDonald’s for breakfast?” “Sure,” I answered. It was a no-brainer. Suzie works hard and rarely indulges herself, so when she votes for fun the answer is obvious. This picture was taken out my window where we parked to eat. Swallows skimmed between the taller stems but otherwise not a breeze whispered, not a straw moved. The sun in its golden hour bathed the scene. It turned into a beautiful nature moment that I thought I’d share with you. Sometimes the smallest thing can fill you with energy to...

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Standing By – Things I Tell Myself

We stand on the teetering edge of a brilliantly glorious new dimension. Until we reach it, we get today, every hour of it. If we can but see it, there is no end of the good things we can do in Him. If we cannot see it, then we will be left standing hard on the ground, doing only the things that are possible. We are not short of time, only vision.   Photo: Looking Back Over Sunrise by Lachlan Donald via...

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