Author: Dennis Ritchie

Rainy Days, Mondays & News Days

I’ll admit it; cloudy, rainy, tiny winter days get me down. I’m a sun man. Spending decades in studios that are soundproof, light-proof and nature-proof has given me a craving for all things outside. This in spite of the fact that I’m allergic to a large number of said outside things. It makes me crave light like chocolate. Sunshine In My Heart But I can’t change winter nor afford to chase sunshine and fair skies around the globe. Though I can dream. As far as practical solutions, they have to come from inside me. I have to find the...

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Chapter One

Somewhere in the distant blackness Suzie heard faint voices calling. As they grew closer, she knew they were calling for her but she couldn’t make out what they were saying. There were other noises, strange noises, that were approaching from all sides. She tried to open her eyes then realized they were already open. She blinked hard and things began to come into focus. From out of the noisy blur a man appeared. He was sideways and in her face. “What’s your name?” he shouted. The question was simple enough but it made no sense to her. It felt like she was watching it all from a distance. Who is this man, she thought, and why am I bouncing? “What’s your phone number?” He yelled into her face like she was deaf. The words were louder but still held no meaning. Why is he bothering me? Suzie thought. She heard clanging, rattling noises and tried to look around but could only move her head, as if she were tied down. By straining her neck, she saw that she was lying on a bed in a small, loud room with this stranger asking questions which, for some reason, she couldn’t answer. “What day is it?” the man insisted. The words had a familiar sound but wouldn’t connect into actual thought. Was she drugged or just dreaming? She tried to ask...

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Announcing the Candles In The Sun – Weekend Read

Here’s the idea. I’m going to force myself to write my book in public. This will be the unedited first draft. I make absolutely no promises that a reasonable editor will not blue-line most of this, given the chance. I have no idea if I will be able to keep up apace. I have no idea if you will like it. So, how about we find out together. The goal is to post whatever I write during the week. It could be out of sequence or be isolated scenes for a while. I could go back and re-write sections....

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