Author: Dennis Ritchie

Quote To Self: Johnny Cash On Failure

A good quote can pack a lot of wisdom into few words. Like a song lyric, it is easy to remember. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you as Quotes To Self. They’re really for me but you can look over my shoulder . . .

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Keep Doing The Hard Things

I have so many friends right now who are doing the hard things. Some by choice though others would choose anything thing else. They are taking care of family members with cancer and dementia. They are fostering broken children, rebuilding storm-tossed houses, waiting for the power to come back on. They are not just waiting for normal. They want more than getting by. They are trying to mean something. So, they attempt the hard things. They gather research, they dream dreams, they apply hope and summon courage. They gather teams and pool resources. They pray prayers. Then they begin. It doesn’t always go well. In fact, it usually doesn’t. They tackle a daunting, overwhelming challenge with every intention of mounting a comeback like Tom Brady. Maybe they will. But nobody will make it easy. Easy sits in a recliner, drinks cold beverages and posts a concerned Facebook comment. Easy joins the popular cause where they can hide in the crowd if things get rough. And possibly sneak out unseen. Easy demands a government agency or group of experts to fix things. Easy waits until tomorrow. But the friends I see do not go for easy. They are compelled to take the dangerous step of trying. They see a need that no one is meeting and assign themselves the thankless job. They see that, if they don’t, it will probably never...

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The Beach

Individual grains of sand are not identical. They are separate chips of stone, each from far flung places, ground by separate journeys to the sea, united only by their common destination. When you look closely at a beach you can see a continent. If we are identical then unity is merely uniformity. Together we are just the same. But for us, unity is a great and courageous feat for we are determined, unique individuals with strengths and weaknesses. Together we become more. Sharing only a rough journey, from far distant places, we arrive at appointed times to the same destination and become something...

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