Author: Dennis Ritchie

Chapter 14: Between Two Worlds

The night I asked Suzie to marry me, I took her to our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Palacio. Since we met in Spanish class it took on a more romantic significance than merely being delicious. It was not complicated with...

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Chapter 13: The Call of Home

The good things in life, the truly good things, happen in quiet moments without fanfare. The love, the healing, the feeding, the stretching, the growing, the strengthening, the encouragement, these things are the sparkling best...

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Chapter 12: The New Reality

When I pushed open the oversized door to Suzie’s room it was dark and empty. The rain and fog outside the windows set a mood but added little light. Flipping a switch revealed an expansive room of muted pastels that looked more...

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Chapter 11: The Wait

Richard Gay led me down a maze of back hallways through a utilitarian door into the surgical waiting room. The contrast was stark.The industrial white walls and high-traffic vinyl gave way to light pastels and patterned carpet....

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