Author: Dennis Ritchie

Borrowed Dogs: Wrigley

This is Wrigley. He’s part pug and part beagle. He’s six weeks old. And when he sees me, he runs straight for me with glee. It’s magic. I’ve only met him twice before but we played and he remembers me....

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Dis-encouragement, By Prayer?

Encouragement isn’t easy sometimes. But it can be learned. And in order to learn how to do something, you must first do it really badly. But let me encourage you (I hope). No matter what, don’t stop trying....

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Dis-encouragement, What Doesn’t Work

First, a definition: dis·en·cour·age transitive verb \dis-in-ˈkər-ij, -ˈkə-rij, dis-en-\ dis·en·cour·ageden·dis·cour·ag·ing Definition of DIS-ENCOURAGE 1) a : to ATTEMPT TO inspire with courage, spirit, or hope BUT FAIL:...

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Marcus Luttrell and the Little Things

In trying to find a way to encourage my wife through bizarre multiple cancers, I realized fairly early that there was no book on how to do it. So I began to look to other people facing extreme situations to find out what worked...

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The Power of Perspective

A change in perspective is a magical thing. It can stand your world on its head in an instant. Nothing at all has changed, except the way you think. Still, everything has changed. But you can’t keep perspective. Your brain...

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