Author: Dennis Ritchie

Being John Wayne

As children we are torn between two phrases: “I do it myself,” and “Up!” On one hand we need independence, on the other we want someone to pick us up and take care of our problem. Finding the balance is...

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Does Football Therapy Work?

The Steelers vs the Giants in NYC a week after Hurricane Sandy is being touted as helping to relieve the misery. Is this real or just NFL hype? No hype. It’s real. Here’s how it works. The worst kind of stress is...

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Hidden Heroes

Hero: An ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances doing what they must do without regard for self. The problem was electricity. Without it the babies in NICU could die. Superstorm Sandy was raging. The power was out. The...

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The Art of SEEING

This is a test of your brain. (Don’t worry. You’ll pass.) What has changed in this photo? “Changed from what?” I can hear you ask. Exactly! You don’t have any context to know what’s...

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