Author: Dennis Ritchie

Let’s Talk About the Weather

Today is one of those anything-can-happen kind of days. After a long, hot summer and a waft of post-hurricane Gulf Coast humidity, today is a perfect day. I took a long walk up Lookout Mountain and now I’m sitting on my favorite coffee shop patio. It’s cool, cloudless and humidity free with a slight breeze. Things have already gone wrong today but none of it matters. It’s just too perfect! I’m happier than my life warrants and I feel like I can accomplish all of my dreams. So, here’s the question. Where was this Dennis yesterday or last week when it rained torrents? Nothing has significantly changed with my life. In fact, some details are worse today. But right now, I feel like no problem is too big. I’m unstoppable. So, does the weatherman really run my life? Am I a slave to barometric pressure? Can a rain cloud really wreck my world? Honestly, today I could care less! Weather forecast for tonight: dark. ~ George...

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NFL Standings

It’s day one of the NFL season and everyone is a winner. No one knows what will happen. Who will win? Who will stay healthy? Who will set records? Who will be a champion? Who will make us scream like teen-age girls at a Justin Beiber concert? Time will tell. But one thing’s for certain, a lot of people will fall down. Well, get get knocked, thrown, spun, flipped and ground down. And they will stand back up – some slower than others. What better day to launch my blog, The Art of Standing? What’s it about? It’s about the best of us. From the smallest step to the most courageous accomplishments, it’s about the best part of the human race – the ability to flip setbacks into comebacks, the ability to find hope in any situation, the ability to stand back up after going down hard. It’s about courage. It’s about life. It’s also about fun. Because a good sense of humor may not be required but it’s certainly helpful. It’s about encouragement, courage and living life like you mean it. About having the best life you can. About reaching for dreams, and finding them. But this is just the first day, and there’s a lot of football to watch so pull up a chair and pass the cheese dip, will ya?   Photo by AJ Guel...

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