Author: Dennis Ritchie

Emotional Forecast

Emotions can feel like the weather. Bigger than us. A powerful force that hangs over us, beyond our control. It’s hard to predict what you’re going to get. Today is a good example, and yesterday. Yesterday the...

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Encouraging Interruption

I have a lot of things to say and have a couple of dozen posts ready but a friend posted something on his Facebook page that changed my mind. He shared a link to the I Am Second website and it made me stop and look. I found...

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Dream Makers

When you look into the future, what do you see? What do you hear? What is possible? Dreams are beautiful things, weightless to carry and entertaining to contemplate. It is easy to underestimate them as fantasy, to dismiss them...

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Suzie Update

Since writing about Suzie’s health adventure a little over a week ago, I’ve had a lot of response, reaction and questions, proving that you are a wonderfully caring group. Thank you again. At the end of my last post,...

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Borrowed Dogs: Wrigley

This is Wrigley. He’s part pug and part beagle. He’s six weeks old. And when he sees me, he runs straight for me with glee. It’s magic. I’ve only met him twice before but we played and he remembers me....

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