Author: Dennis Ritchie

My Thanksgiving Prayer

“You two sure are lucky.” he said with conviction. I laughed out loud. It was an automatic reaction. Suzie and I were sitting in Same Day, the outpatient area of Summit Hospital, waiting for another test. So far the...

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Borrow New Eyes

While waiting for a latte at one of my favorite coffee stops, (Rembrandt’s) a group of four Japanese men stepped up to order four coffees. Not lattes or caramel mochachinos. Just coffee. And they were gleeful about it....

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Ski-roes In Bozeman

I woke up because my dinged up rib only feels comfortable in one position. But in my sleep I rolled over. Ouch. It’s worse than an alarm clock. But then I ran across these guys and perspective smacked me in the back of my...

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The Good News or the Bad News?

Some of the most talented people on earth are paid millions to scour the planet to find the worst possible news and bring it to you live, in high def and surround sound with eye-popping graphics, sound effects and a theme song....

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