Author: Dennis Ritchie

Recovery Weekend

There are three rough stages to a crisis: encouragement, resilience and recovery. Life is never so neat as to organize itself into perfect stages but this is my general experience. On Thursday we experienced a compressed version...

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Emergency! The Conclusion

So, the point of all of this was reflection and analysis. How did I really do? First of all, Suzie did great. She kept a terrific attitude throughout, even while facing her worst teenage nightmare from the other side. Billy,...

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Emergency! 3

ER Waiting [Use down time to take care of myself] I knew that no one would talk to us for a few minutes. There was too much paperwork and medical history to be done. From the time Suzie and I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald...

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Emergency! 2

First, my apologies. It was not my intention to create a cliff-hanger. I just ran out of caffeine-powered steam. Suzie is home and doing fine. My goal was to talk about ways to deal with an emergency before the memories grew...

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