Author: Dennis Ritchie

Driving Miss Emma

My favorite Starbucks has a view of seven states, a fantastic rock garden and homemade fudge. Or you might say Rock City has a Starbucks. Why do I like it so much? I’m sure it has to do with our first family vacation to...

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Dead Battery Day

It’s the little things that do you in. I’m all set to climb mountains, write a book, lose 25 lbs and change the world . . . but the car won’t start. Dead battery. Won’t charge with jumper cables. Not a...

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Let’s Talk About the Weather

Today is one of those anything-can-happen kind of days. After a long, hot summer and a waft of post-hurricane Gulf Coast humidity, today is a perfect day. I took a long walk up Lookout Mountain and now I’m sitting on my...

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