to the Candles In The Sun Readers Club where you can look over my shoulder as I write Suzie’s story. The plan is to post my weekly progress for The Weekend Read. I hope to add a few more special things including random videos and maybe an interview.

It’s also your opportunity to nudge me toward my goal with some good-natured encouragement and accountability. I anticipate a lot of talk about coffee, maybe tea if appropriately caffeinated. Should be fun.

To introduce you to the idea I’m going to post things for free initially along with a membership possibility for those who want to catch up or just give some fiduciary support. (My new word of the week.) In any case, welcome, and feel free to have a look around. You never know who you might run into.

Blessings and together may we face the day with courage.

Chapter One

Somewhere in the distant blackness Suzie heard faint voices calling. As they grew closer, she knew they were calling for her but she couldn’t make out what they were saying. There were other noises, strange noises, that were approaching from all sides. She tried to...


Hid not by darkness but by light Just there beyond the edge of sight Invisible by brightest day They rise and stretch as sunlight fades And blackness creeping, seeking souls Quenches cold the ember’s glow.   Within this shadowed world I’ve seen Nightmares merciless...

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