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This book is dedicated to all those who stood by us, prayed for us, fed us, and showed the greater truth of love, not by their words but in fact and deed with time and treasure. There are no words to convey what we received from you. We have nothing to give but our thanks.To know them is to have a dream

Within deepest imaginings

Of proclaiming in the light

Their noble deeds of darkest night

To give the due that they deserve

And serve those who live to serve

But they prefer to fade away

Like stars and sleep during the day

Resting in a greater light

Where there’s no need to shine so bright

And there find healing of their own

And reap the peaceful seed they’ve sown

And so I leave them undisturbed

To lie down in the rest they’ve earned

And I must toil the only way

I know their kindness to repay

More like them I must become

These candles hidden in the sun

Chapter 4: Fight!

I’ve always been a reader, ever since my two single aunts tired of the looks of disappointment from my brother and I when we opened their “useful” gifts of clothes. In frustration, they discovered John Blaine’s “Rick Brant...

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