Let’s face it. The world is big and full of people who are not obedient. They stubbornly want what’s best for themselves. If I want to rule them, it’s a terrible disadvantage. Change them? Forget it. But . . .

What if I want to serve them, as Jesus said?

Well, it’s still a problem. I can easily live the rest of my life helping people do what they want. I end up helping them rule over me. This is good for neither of us, or so I tell myself. There is a fine line between helping and enabling.

My best way to help people is to serve God, who loves them. I am now serving them with His resources. I am neither slave or dictator. I don’t have to run their world or change it. World changing is God’s department anyway. So, here’s how world changing looks for me now.

Change the world,
For a moment,
For someone.

I can handle that. I can love for a moment, talk for a moment, share for a moment, help for a moment. Moments are all we really have with people anyway. Even our family. And maybe, along the way, now that I’m not trying to run their lives or use them, I can share God’s love and redemption with them.

In this way I can change more than the world. I can change eternity . . .