This morning I had music in my head. It happens a lot but this morning it was insistent. I had to choose what to write and music won.

Sometimes you have to choose the less travelled path. It’s good for you. It restores your soul.

It reminds you that you have a choice.

We are creatures of habit. Recent studies estimate as much as forty percent of our day is decided unconsciously by our habits.

That’s not really bad. It saves brainpower and time. We don’t have to rethink the world every day.

As long as we understand this and choose our habits carefully then it’s like having part of your life automated.

But every so often we have to break our habits and take the wheel just to remind ourselves that we have control.

To make sure habits are not addictions.

To feel the tiller in our hand and choose a course against the wind. To point the bow to sea, leave land behind and hold our heading against a tossing wave.

To feel free.

We serve so many people and causes in a hectic day that we must remember that we are a cause too. We have a unique point of view. We are individuals unlike any other.

As much as we lose ourselves in others, we have a responsibility to be us because no one else can do it, or should try.

So, today I wrote some music.

What will you uniquely do?


Photo: Sailing by Jklinger via Flickr

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