I’m from Mississippi. We think ice is for tea. We don’t believe men can skate on water. Seems unnatural somehow. But we also believe in sports. And balls and bats.

So the dreamer in me wants to believe that in the great frozen north bats can become sticks and balls can become pucks and men can become bored.

Then I moved to the great frozen north myself – Nashville. I discovered that snow did not come from a cone. And that water had other uses than making ice tea and coffee.

Like caramel macchiatos.

In the end, it all comes down to this. As a Southerner, I believe in Peyton Manning and that professional wrestling is real. Logic dictates that I must believe in hockey. Even if I have to fantasize that they are skating on ice tea to do it.

And they’re winning so . . .

Go Preds!


Photo by Stephen Yeargin via Flickr