There’s something wonderful about a creative surprise. This flash mob by the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory was just for the audience there that day. It will never air beyond YouTube.

Yes, I know there’s some promotional value but . . .

Some of the best encouragement I’ve ever gotten was a surprise. An education pastor showing up before Suzie’s mastectomy with jokes – yes jokes – about his mother’s recovery from breast cancer twenty years before.

A young girl who was a total stranger dropping off a casserole and insisting on coming inside only to find out she had survived a mystery illness and exploratory surgery as a college student. Once again, we were laughing in stitches at her stories of dating and chemo. (Later)

A Sunday School director showing up with . . . wait a minute, I’m spoiling the surprise!

And I’ve got to watch this just one more time. How did Kaley Cuoco end up on the floor?

For Bang fans there’s more to the clip: