Everything worthwhile is done against the odds.

There are few things as powerful as a dream. The idea of what can be is so magnetic, so intriguing, so motivating that it acts like an inner compass guiding you to unknown lands.

Ephemeral as a sail, when it’s hoisted in your imagination it creates a more solid, viewable, virtual world that you can explore. It’s a place you can taste and smell. You can feel the power of the wind in the taut ropes transferring power to the mast and pulling the hull through the breaking waves.

It’s a way to visit the future before you get there, a sort of time machine, a way to get the lay of this future land that you have set sail towards.

It allows you to toy with ideas. You can experiment and turn the future over in your mind, to look at it from all angles. You can try to find the downsides and problems you will face. You can stop on a dime, change things, discard ideas, add ideas and experiment some more. You can do all of this without cost or momentum. There are no constrictions or limitations but time and imagination.

You can put a dream down and do something else without fear that it will dissolve or be forgotten. It’s too powerful to leave for long. It will call to you. It will insist on some attention.

When you come back to it things are still as solid and vivid as if it were a real place, because in your mind it is real.

The power of a dream is that you don’t have to know how to get there before you start the journey. Man dreamed of flight long before the Wright brothers made it possible. But the destination is so intriguing that you have to find a way or make a way.

It’s like a travel brochure to an exotic island. You’ve never been there but you can see it in your mind’s eye. You can imagine swinging in a hammock with warm tropical breezes and a cold glass in your hand. You can smell the coconut oil and hear steel drums playing in the distance.

That’s what makes dreams important. They are the future in the present. They are time machines. They are the virtual laboratories of your real life.

Welcome to Dream Week! This should be fun.



Photo Credit: paul bica via Compfight cc