My favorite Starbucks has a view of seven states, a fantastic rock garden and homemade fudge. Or you might say Rock City has a Starbucks.

Why do I like it so much? I’m sure it has to do with our first family vacation to someplace that didn’t have crabs. Maybe it’s the long ago memory of my Dad filling up the gas tank here when it was still a fire hall and gas station. Or it might be the thought of Mom running behind us trying to keep us on the top side of the mountain.

Perhaps it’s the joy of showing my bride her first ever mountains on our honeymoon. Possibly, it’s the mental pictures of my three children exploring here during the many day trips from Nashville. Whatever it was, it started a lifelong love of the mountains and massive rocks.

It also makes a great place for morning coffee with Mom. And that’s something to celebrate.

Just over a year ago, Mom had a rare allergic reaction to the diabetic medicine Metformin. After a long hospital stay, she ended up in a nursing home with full blown dementia . Only my sister’s research into rare side effects led us to try taking her off the medicine. Mom was better in two days. Doctors were surprised. We were thrilled.

A year later, Mom lives with us in the mountains she took me to as a child. My job has been helping her recover, which includes a lot of exercise and nature therapy. There are studies that prove that an unobstructed view of as little as one tree can decrease post-operative infections and complications. I figure, why stop with one?

My own personal experience suggests that great big rocks, swinging bridges, awesome views and Starbucks also have a wonderful effect. Of course, I have much more research to do . . .