According to studies, a sense of control over your life is essential to happiness. Some days you get that. For the rest of the calendar we need flexibility.

Today is a flex day.

I was up early, working on two posts and a video when the phone rang. Mom’s group decided to come home from their conference early. I had less than an hour to pick her up across town.

Things just don’t work the way you plan the first time. That’s why flexibility and determination often beat out talent alone.

So, on days like today I remind myself that I have choices:
– grouse about it
– succumb
– or roll with it and see how creatively I can work my plan B
– or plan C . . .

The wind rarely blows exactly the right way. But with a little creative sailing you can make a nice little boat ride out of it.

My first inkling of the B plan? When I realized the place I had to meet the bus was on the same exit as my favorite Starbucks.

Caffeine = Victory!


Photo by Rebekah Adams