(Subtitle: I Wish This Were Fiction)

Harder Every Day

It used to be easy to be an idiot. Just follow your feelings, don’t read books and stay away from positive role models. You watch a little TV, play a few video games and boom, you’re an idiot. 

Today’s problem is that so much of our fun is connected to the internet, and that’s how they get you. You can be surfing along watching YouTube videos about other idiots when, before you know it, you’ve clicked on something.

I know, It’s hard to talk about. But we’ve all been there.

Free This!

They promise you some cool thing for free, the comfort zone for idiots, and then it appears on screen – the dreaded email box. Some deep instinct gives you a feeling of foreboding. Your ear twitches. You snort and paw the ground a few times.

But then you click it. Because that’s never stopped you before.

The next thing you know, you’re subscribed. People are grateful. You’re important to them. They can’t wait to give you more valuable information. You’ve found your place in life. 

So, you click a few more buttons.


You’re on an email list. You have a channel. There’s a profile to complete. You need a headshot. You have a survey to fill out. So much responsibility!

But still, it was free stuff. So, they’re your friend, right?

The problem with your new friend is that he has friends. And suddenly there’s a house party in your inbox.

Some stranger is offering more free stuff. There’s music playing. Someone’s dancing on the coffee table. Your neighbors are threatening to call the cops.

Seems safe enough.

So, you join LinkedIn to make your mom proud. Now, you have a business profile. And you start a free blog. And podcasting looks cool. And there’s that YouTube channel that’s just sitting there.

So, you take a course . . . 

And that’s how they do it.

But don’t worry. It’s not too late. There’s nothing here that can’t be undone. You can still get back to those carefree days of being a clueless idiot. 

For a free step-by-step guide, just join my email list at: youcanbeanidiot.com

Trust me. I’m an expert. 

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