I like talking about you, you, you, you, usually.
But occasionally,
I wanna talk about me.
~Bobby Braddock

Sometimes I Bore Myself

I hate talking about myself and my plans. It’s boring to me (and you) so I try not to do it.  If we met today I would probably ask a string of questions about you because then I’d be learning something.

But a blog is personal in a way that most things aren’t. It’s my words and my thoughts. It practically IS me so I find I need to talk about plans and explain myself a bit.

I made a decision last month that I knew would change my life. In fact it already has, but immediately afterward I began a month-long project that was guaranteed to tie me up for twelve hours a day.

I knew I wouldn’t have time or energy to write it all, so instead I posted This Will Leave A Mark as a kind of placeholder. It was partly to hint that adventure was afoot and partly to solidify my commitment, having publicly begun. As of this weekend my project is over and I have no excuses.

Stand By For Me! Film At Eleven

I walked into my first professional recording studio in 1972, a Tascam 8-track in Brookhaven, Mississippi. I was in high school and my cousin Charles, a keyboardist, asked me to play acoustic guitar with him on a gospel record. In a family as musical as ours it was almost inevitable.

It also left a mark. I got into studios as often as possible after that, playing whatever for whomever. It took awhile but I became chief engineer of a little studio in 1978 and have been recording for a living ever since.

I haven’t talked about it here much because it tends to predictably dominate conversations. Sooner or later someone will ask,”Who have you recorded?” and the subject careens headlong into the personal lives of stars until I get tired and excuse myself.

The Code Of Silence

The first rule of Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club. The first rule of recording stars is that (if you want to stay in the music business) you don’t talk about stars. Their private lives are their business.

You also don’t talk religion or politics. Engineers are hired to listen, not opine. But that doesn’t mean in any way, shape or form that the stars don’t opine. As they gain popularity and success they begin mouthing off about everything that crosses their minds as if 50,000 people gather regularly to hear them talk.

If you think they are vocal and opinionated publicly, you should hear the private discussions. With religious fervor I have been told what to wear, what to eat, what to drink, what to think, how I should vote, how much water I should use when I shower, how I should have sex and even how many squares of toilet paper I should use to wipe my behind in order to save the planet.

All of their opinions differed from mine but for the most part I smiled and held my tongue. They were paying me well to do a job I loved and this was just part of the price. Most of it was harmless. Or so I thought.

Silence Becomes Ominous

But a little of it was downright scary. I heard a musical icon ranting about ramming a red-hot poker into unseemly places of a female politician who’d just said something my mother, sister and wife believed. I heard a record label executive informing a newly signed artist that she was now a Democrat. I heard a discussion between major artists making fun of not just marriage but even jeering at love.

Because politicians love associating with popular artists, I heard tales of soon-to-be heads of state getting blasted with artists. I heard stories of artists smoking dope on the roof of the White House. I sat across the table from a famous political activist as he talked straight-faced about plans to replace good school teachers with operatives as a way to separate children from the old-fashioned beliefs of their parents and promote their political agenda.

I watched artists rake in millions from adoring fans, all the while secretly making fun of their now hideous fans while using their newfound gain to attack the foundations of the country these same fans would die to defend. As one producer put it, “I’m going to take these hillbillies for all they’re worth.”

Still, I believe everyone has a right to their opinion. It was just talk so I tried to focus on simply doing my best. Anything else seemed inconsiderate and impolite.

No More Mr. Polite Guy

But lately things have taken a seriously dark turn. It’s past youthful rebellion. It’s beyond common greed.

There are riots in the street over police officers and people are beaten just for fun. Four marines and a sailor are dead at the recruiting center I used to run by on a regular basis. The president had to consult with advisors and be publicly embarrassed into lowering the flag days later. Things that were given are no longer given.

There is a foundation for freedom FROM religion, supported by renowned scientists, for the purpose of sueing Christian organizations into silence. This even though a significant number of scientists in this country are practicing Christians. There is no new evidence and no way to prove God doesn’t exist. But there is now a public will to harass believers. Freedom OF religion isn’t even being discussed.

The Supreme Court Rules

Then, between my last post and this one, the U. S. Supreme Court delivered nothing less than an edict that marriage is now what it never has been. Because they say so. Because they feel that way.

The highest court enforcing the rule of law decided to ignore the law. Congress was not involved. No laws were passed. No votes were taken. No hearings were held. Law was, in fact, eliminated.

But there is a strange silence one month after the proclamation. As if it’s over. As if something was settled. As if five men in black robes get to decide.

A Time To Stand

Originally I meant for The Art of Standing to be about finding courage in difficult times. I meant it for everyone. Personal and family events have slowed my goal but I never intended to talk about the things that now need to be said. Things change. My hand was forced.

I’ve added a new category called Politics. I will be rearranging things on the blog to focus on encouraging Christians facing difficult times. You are all welcome but you will notice a difference.

Above all I will strive to tell the truth and be myself. It will be hard for me. And it will be easy. I will give the best I have to offer.

I will talk about standing back up when you get knocked down, standing for your beliefs, and standing against those who wish men evil.

That’s enough explanation. If you want to know what a man believes, don’t trust what he says he will do. Trust what a man does, for there you will see the truth.