“Weddings are discretionary, funerals mandatory”. ~ Rudy Guliani’s father

Rudy Guliani became America’s mayor because of how he handled the tragedy of September 11th. And the 12th and 13th. Not because of how he handled the 10th or the 9th.

Now, imagine the days following if Rudy’s father had not taught him about funerals. We remember Rudy. No one but Rudy remembers when his father taught that lesson. Or how many funerals his Dad went to.

I can’t count the funerals my Mom and Dad went to. They never made a big deal about it. They didn’t have to. They just went.

Yesterday, so did I.

Life is about showing up. You can never tell what a difference your life makes until the day you no longer can.


photo  of The Memorial Illumination of Antietam National Battlefield by kellygifford via flickr