“I want to see some leaves,” she said.

My daughter and son-in-law had a rough month. Now the domino effect will keep their spare time tied up for a long while. With stress piling up and no vacation in sight, they came up with a creative solution. Get muddy!

Even better, they let me tag along!

Stress relief is about changing the channel in your mind so harmful adrenaline overproduction stops. That gives you a chance to burn off that extra fight-or-flight hormone before it starts gnawing on you from the inside out. Even a little relief reaps major benefits.

Anything engaging enough to fully occupy your mind works. All the better if it’s fun.

A 4×4 trip into nature is perfect. The leaves were starting to change. A canyon that can’t be easily reached is just better than the view from the interstate.

And then there was the Jeep. The custom ride, built by my son-in-law, is a big boy magic carpet. We wallowed easily through impassible mud bogs before effortlessly climbing up boulder strewn inclines to reach sheer bluffs with views for miles. Wow!

I’ll be smiling about it for weeks.

But you don’t have to have a Jeep. Get creative. What’s your favorite solution? Go do it. Then let me know. I’ve been surprised by a lot of good ideas from my friends lately.

What’s your therapy?