Stress is mental.

Most of the time when we are stressed out nothing is happening to us physically. Things are happening internally and having real health and wellbeing consequences. Stress can move from mental to physical and make the body sick.

Let your body fight back.

When your mind is making your body sick, turn the tables and let your body make your mind well. There is a proven method for this surprising mind makeover that has some great side benefits for your body.

You will be stronger, leaner, have more stamina, have a larger brain, have better brain chemistry, look better, feel better, be happier and have better relationships using this one simple tool . . .


I’m telling everyone that I’m starting an exercise program to help motivate me further. I’m motivated just because of the direct benefits to me that I’m already enjoying.

I’ve been walking and eating better which caused me to slowly lose thirty pounds. My cholesterol level is not just improved, it’s normal. I can run with my puppy. I feel better but I’m not there yet.

My To Do List

I want to push harder and do some real exercise. I’ve gotten myself in good enough shape to go for it. I want to lose the rest of the weight, muscle up and lower my blood pressure. I want to de-stress and make my brain happy. This means doing it on purpose and with a plan.

I’m not going to bog you down with details. I’m not recommending a new diet book or becoming a fitness guru. I’m just getting healthier on purpose.

Now Is The Time

Winter is over. There’s no better time. I will be talking about exercise more and sharing updates.

That’s as deep as it gets. It’s not hard. Let’s do this thing.

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Photo: VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Aug 13, 2011) A runner navigates an obstacle during the 11th annual Armed Services YMCA Mud Run at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story. The Mud Run is an 8-kilometer event on the base. All proceeds from the race benefit the Armed Services YMCA of Hampton Roads. (U.S. Navy photo by Robin Hicks/Released)

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