Living in a rain forest, we can’t really count on the weatherman to be right like the rest of you can. So, when we saw clear skies and thirty-seven degrees, we took the opportunity and hit the road.

Two mountains, lunch and a theme park later, we’re home. Nessie is exhausted. We have to get back to work.

We met a couple from Memphis on a three day getaway from caring for their mother, saw a pair of golden doodles and met several members of Nessie’s fan club.

Neighborhoods are well into bloom with various showy ornamentals but the woods are still barely waking up. It really depends on which side of the mountain or gorge you look. Some places never see direct sunlight around here and bud out much later.

With Spring Break over at UTC, the weekday crowds have winnowed. You can find parking places again. But there’s a definite spring energy in the air which lights up a tourist town. Season is almost upon us.

I’m now a wizened local with places to recommend and stories to tell and I guess I don’t look dangerous anymore, so people are always asking me directional and what-do-you-think kind of questions. I really don’t mind and meet a lot of nice people in good moods.

Vacations do magical things for people under stress. Since we live here, we have the option of vacationing for just a few hours.

They say the secret to good health is taking two vacations a year. I’ve now lost thirty-seven pounds since we moved. Maybe there’s something to it.

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