Whenever you talk about music you find people divided along lines of style, tempo, production, age and the other dividers of the cool from the uncool. It becomes a statement of their personal worth and the value of their opinions.


Just don’t get sucked into that place this morning. You’ll miss a lot of great things and divide people up in yet one more way. How about another mindset.


Life can be divisive misery and loneliness OR life can be a glorious celebration of the good things we have. I generally try for the later and get dragged toward the former by the commoness of it.


I can change that by connecting early and often with the love and creativity and hope and inherent goodness of God and His creation. There are uncountable miracles for me to explore if I look for them.

In That Spirit

So, for those of you interested, here is my morning playlist of the day . . .

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