A puppy could be described as teeth with four wheel drive. Chocolate Labs are particularly chewy dogs. Anything is fair game.

Nessie prefers cloth, like beds, clothing, sofas, coats and socks. Second best is paper which ranges from used Kleenex to priceless family photos.

But anything will do in a pinch. Electric power chords are chewy. The corner of my laptop screen will do just fine.

Teething must be torture.

We strive to puppy-proof the main areas of the house but bedrooms, of necessity, have a big cloth chew toy in the middle. We call them beds. There are also closets and bathrooms that have too many temptations for a little girl.

So when Nessie started showing up in places she shouldn’t, I set up a camera to figure out what she was doing.

Here’s what we learned:

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