My 6-month-old chocolate Lab, Nessie, is still at the vet for her 2nd round of x-ray’s, this time with barium for contrast. It’s looking more and more like surgery to remove the dish towel she ate. Just waiting.

Sick babies and puppies are really sad because you can’t explain what’s going on. I took Nessie in at 7:30, as soon as they opened, only to find out the doctors don’t get there until 10:00.

While we were waiting a small dog went into hysterical barking in the waiting room which freaked Nessie out a little. She braked, ran to the door, then jumped onto the chair with me and huddled against my side. That’s the first time that ever happened.

The tech told me her puppy just had the same surgery and was doing fine now. Here’s hoping.

That’s all I’ve got. More later.