Yesterday, a friend posted a long article about being free from politics. He was downright giddy. His great revelation was how blind he’d been and how it made no difference and how he’d only been making people angry and destroying his life. Now, after his epiphany, everything was great and he was free and happy. Smiley face.

But everything is politics

In a world dominated by state-funded experts, there is no subject you can talk about that hasn’t been politicized. Name one. From my GMO food to my government specified toilet, from the beginning of my court-approved life to my death tax, from my bedroom to my kitchen to my entertainment to my gender-nonspecific bathrooms, I am involved in politics whether I want to be or not.

We cannot be free

We cannot be free from it; we can only be silent. If, in the pursuit of being nice, we allow tyranny to destroy lives – nicely – then we aren’t actually being nice. We are spreading tyranny.

The real question is how to talk about politics. Can friends do it? Do we have to? Can Christians possibly do it at all? Can we be Christlike about it? Will we pay consequences for it? Are there dire consequences if we don’t talk about politics? I think the answer to all of these questions is yes.

But we have to be smarter

We have to learn from this heart-rending political season and go forward with wisdom, patience, and yes, kindness. Because setting people free is kind. And loving.

Jesus, of all people, was clear on the price He would have to pay to set people free. The painful details of the garden of Gethsemane were told so we would know that feelings are powerful and can stand in the way of great love. The feelings are real and intense and must be contended with to get to real love.

Because love

Because love is so much more than a feeling. It includes justice and truth. It even includes fighting and sacrificing to set people free. Even people who don’t know they aren’t free. Even when the people we are fighting against are also the people we are fighting for.

It’s complicated. And painful. But love always is.

So, to my kind friends who are still reeling from speaking out during this political season – kudos. Rest. Gather strength. Your kindness will be needed again soon.