Now that I’ve decided to dedicate a significant amount of time to finishing my book, I want to include you in the process. The easiest way to do that is to subscribe by email in the right hand column. There will be goodies.

Though the book means fewer long form posts here, I want to add more ways to stay connected. I plan to give you excerpts of what I’m writing. I will also add a newsletter with some material too long to include on a blog post.

Lend A Brain

Soon, I want to ask for the help of those who are interested in correcting and proofreading the manuscript. Being slightly dyslexic makes this a non-starter for me. Yes, I’ll actually give those who make the commitment parts of the unreleased book in advance for free. I figure if you’re proofing for free it’s the least I can do.

I also want to keep you updated about my Kickstarter project that’s in the works. I’m mulling on the video now. If it is successful then I can write faster with fewer distractions. This could be fun.

Format Change

In order to keep my nose to the keyboard I’m going to include more photos and some video. I’m a visual person and love art. It can be very uplifting and even make you healthier, as I’ll be pointing out. More fun stuff.

Music has been my creative home for most of my life and I haven’t yet included it here but that’s about to change. There are some great musicians and wonderful music on the way.

I’m going to be asking your opinions about some things and will start to include some polls to get your thoughts.

Special Guests

I will also start including some carefully selected guest posts from some of the great people I’ve been meeting. There are some wonderful encouragers out there that you need to get to know.

These are the people that keep me going. I can’t wait to share them. They will be worthwhile.


I know, you’re asking how all of this will help me focus on writing? The entire point of this exercise to to allow me to concentrate on finishing the book and now I’m adding tasks?

Well, I can’t do all of this immediately. It will take some time. I’ll change things and add things a little along the way.

The point is, I’m doing this for you. Otherwise I’m just talking to myself.

Rather than take a lonely trip to a mountaintop in Tibet to write, then showing back up years later riding a yak with a long beard and handmade clothing, I’d rather have your company on the trip.

(virtual) Rooaad Triiip!

My son, the English scholar, is currently in Portugal on a writing trip with his friends and professors. I’m not sure what they do on these trips or how it helps them write but I say we give it a try.

Maybe we could all go to an internet beach and soak in the figurative sun together, or possibly we could rent a virtual villa in Tuscany and speak bad Italian to each other. If we could really all pack up and travel while writing, where would you go?

Anyway, pack your digital bags, subscribe by email, and let’s set off on a creative yak-free adventure. Who knows what we’ll see?


P.S. – Someone just texted a correction on my Musical History page. See, I told you I needed your help!

Photo: Tuscan Cyprus by Maarten Van Hoof via Flickr

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