Quick vision update

  • Eye: Better
  • Cool Jello effect: Gone
  • Focus: Getting there
  • Depth perception: Comical
  • Writing: Eyestrain
  • Attitude: Gratitude

Doc said I could do anything I want and then left before I could hit him with an obvious Dad joke. Smart man.

Writing on the computer is still difficult but improving. Now that I can see, my brain is straining to focus both eyes with the new, improved retina. The solutions are resting, writing with one eye closed or using my iPhone up close.

This means no chapter this week but I’m working on it. Describing that Christmas properly hits the edge of my abilities in more ways than just seeing. But if I can write the last chapter, I can write this one.

Thanks for your patience and may God let your eyes see the depth and breadth and height of His love for you.




Photo by Frida Bredesen on Unsplash

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