You only have two choices:

  1. Perfect the first time or
  2. Better the next time.

In A Perfect World

I choose better next time all the time. Because perfect the first time doesn’t seem to be an option. Perfect only exists in our imagination.

The mental world contains no reality, no feedback from others, no shortcomings exposed, no harsh criticism and absolutely no success.

Because an idea never tried is a failure of the worst kind.

  • Either it is a really bad idea that occupies your thoughts, energy and time but is never exposed for the fraud it is.
  • Or worse, it is a really valuable, good, helpful, life-changing idea that never happens.

Reality Racing

But if you take your ideas out of the concept car fantasy stage where nothing bad ever happens – because nothing happens at all – and put your best attempt on the test track of reality to see how it runs, then we have a race.

Bad things can happen out in reality. But good things are learned. And ideas get sorted out.

Surprises shock us. We discover fatal flaws and unexpected brilliance. Cherished dreams crash and burn. But better dreams arise from the ashes.

Courageous Circle

Test tracks are circular because you constantly start over. But that doesn’t make it easy. Pride dies on test tracks. Reality is a merciless drill sergeant. You can look like a fool.

Everyone makes mistakes. But the best of us, the brightest, the most courageous, the most successful, make their mistakes on the test track of reality where it counts.

They don’t allow cameras, mind you. But they attempt bravely. And test. And start over.

Because they are going for the win.


Photo by by Mypoorbrain via Flickr