Rebuttals are rolling in on Stephen Hawking’s less-than-big-bang speech and book. I gave my initial opinion in short form last week because this is a blog about faith and courage. It was not my complete opinion because I assume you have your own and droning on about scientific theories is hardly encouraging.

It’s important when the supposed smartest people on the planet attack faith using faulty reasoning but there’s no reason to change my theme to rebut every new accusation.

For those of you who love that sort of thing, here are a few of the many detailed rebuttals. For those who don’t care that much, it’s enough to know that there are holes and gaps that are being pointed out.

Here are a few:

From Scientific American – Cosmic Clowning: Stephen Hawking’s “new” theory of everything is the same old CRAP

Cambridge professor, scientist and Christian John Lennox’s response

Lawyer, professor, talk show host and Golden Gloves champion Matt Barber’s take

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