A journey of a thousand miles
begins by standing.

Standing up is important. Standing back up is even more important. Because the question isn’t what can you accomplish the first time you try. It’s what do you do the first time you fail?

Because no one gets it entirely right the first time.

We learn this first as toddlers. It’s reinforced by life itself to the point that it’s as basic as gravity. What stands up must fall down. We all know this.

But that doesn’t make standing any easier.

This blog, for example, is a continuation of a blog I started several years ago. Then we moved and things got put on hold. When I started back I had a better idea of what I wanted to do. All good. Positive spin.

Then my primary client closed the doors and fired everyone. I started over after changing almost everything in my life.

But not everyone.

Then my mother had health issues and I had to stop and take care of her. Now, I’m starting over – again.

This time Mom lives with us. Life is very different. But we’re still standing.

That’s the point.

Photo by mikebaird via Flickr