Things are going to be different this year . . . I wish I knew how.

Oh, I know my plans. I see my dreams. I have a vision. But we all know how much control I have over the world.

You too? I suspected as much.

What I Didn’t See Coming

There are dozens of year’s end articles about pop culture publicity events: who did, said, wrote, acted, danced or exposed what. I had no idea they were about to happen and it wouldn’t have mattered if I did.

Closer to reality, there were a lot of personal events last year that I didn’t anticipate either. I didn’t plan on moving back to middle Tennessee. I missed seeing the three hospital visits my family had. The job I now have wasn’t even available then. I had no idea what house I’d call home. The list goes on.

I’m sure you had a few surprises last year. The point is, we can’t see what’s coming and I, for one, am glad. I would have focused on every bad moment. I would have worried myself loony. I almost did without the pressures of foresight. Worry is easy. It’s also useless.

Good Surprises Happened

I would never have noticed that a lot of great surprises happened. I met people I didn’t know. One of my daughters is about to have a baby. The other just got engaged. I was clueless and I’m pretty sure they had no idea either.

I wasn’t on my schedule. It didn’t appear on my list of goals. No grand strategy or self-help book is responsible. They are simply blessings of God.

Thank goodness he didn’t consult me.


Photo Credit: Patty Maher via Compfight cc

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