My Scale Is Broken

Yesterday, I looked at my scale and it said I’d gained four pounds! I hadn’t looked in a while so I was surprised . . . well, kind of. Alright, maybe I was feigning surprise and trying hard to believe it.

We’ve had some stress around our house lately and stress makes me hungry. It’s not that I don’t know what to eat, but if I get distracted, good habits quietly tip-toe away.

I will find myself speed eating. (Bad) I will eat while watching TV. (Bad) I will realize that I’ve ordered a Dr. Pepper with my meal instead of unsweet tea or water. (Bad) I will find things to “celebrate” which somehow involves the new Baskin Robbins that opened nearby. (Bad, bad, bad!)

I Don’t Feel Like It

I didn’t really feel like stopping this slide but my scale was insistent and gravity is stubborn. So, yesterday, I had an idea. Instead of taking Nessie to the dog park to burn off her puppy steam and pick up bad habits from ne’er-do-well canines, I should just get up early and exercise with her.

It was still early enough to be cool when we got to our dog-friendly park by the river. She accomplished her necessaries and set off chasing birds, her newest obsession. After a few minutes of feathery chaos, she would hold heel so we headed to the bridge.

World’s Longest Pedestrian Bridge

The Walnut Street bridge is my favorite gym. It’s half a mile long with gorgeous views of the mountains, the river and the cityscape. It spans the river between two art districts so there are fountains, sculptures, galleries and a coffee shop with patios on either end.

Nessie and I fell into a rhythm and miles went by. The sky was brilliant. The breeze crisp. We even survived some evil pigeons bent on taunting a nearly obedient puppy.

Stress Fell Away

Studies beyond counting show the stress and depression fighting powers of exercise. It burns off adrenaline and shuts off the stress chemicals. The effect lasts long after you’re done.

The same goes for spending time with your dog. Ditto for being out in nature. I even found new studies showing that having several cups of coffee a day wards off depression. Art also helps.

Nessie even got some obedience training in.

Better, Not Perfect

I can’t say that the rest of the day was perfect, but I felt more like dealing with the problems that came. I got some good work done. I’m healthier. I’m happier. I slept better.

All because of a decision to do something I didn’t feel like doing. Remind me of that later on . . .

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