The Dream You

What if you had control over your life? I mean really had control? Say, for example, that you could decide what you want to weigh and would be that weight? What about money? Or love? What if your career path was up to you?

What would you do? Who would this “dream you” be?

If You Could Push A Button?

You are probably suspicious right now but hang in there for a great secret of life. Science backs it up.

The answer to that question matters – a lot.

What if it were easy?

Taking control over one thing

Yesterday, I started with my desk. I hate paperwork. Kind of funny for a writer, but true. Not blank paper. I love that. That is my surfboard just sitting in the corner waiting patiently for me to play. Weird, I know.

I hate paperWORK. Receipts, federally mandated forms, taxes, legal documents. Because of my Mom, I’m awash in it. Everything she does generates mounds of it. So, it piles up on my desk, waiting in a bad way.

When I want to grab my surfboard and run, it yells at me,”Hey surf boy! Do your homework! You’ll just feel guilty out there. You can’t have any fun until you finish (insert long list of very responsible activities).”

So, what did I do? I cleaned my desk.

That’s right. I did it. You can’t stop me. I’m a rebel.

What’s that got to do with any of this? Here it is. Wait for it . . .

It was a small change I control.

Pow! Take that paperwork! Bam! You don’t own me! There’s a desk under there and I’m not stopping until I remember what color it is! I am the King of Paperwork!

Whew. Sorry, I got a little excited. Man, what a rush. Breathe.

You see what happened there? I got emotionally charged. I took control of something. I changed my life. It felt good.

So, did I finish it all? Are you kidding? It’ll take me weeks. But here’s what I did do.

I took control of my creative space, my work area. The papers are organized in stacks on a bookcase I already had. I threw a bunch of the garbage away so there’s less of it.

I did more than I imagined I could do. I have a clear path to get through it. I have energy. I have a desk (espresso colored). And one more thing . . .

I Believe I Can Do It!

Science shows that big change happens like dominos. When the first small thing falls, you get momentum for the next. Pretty soon,”Pow! Take that!” You get the large, creative, emotional side of your brain involved and big things happen.

Think Super Bowl comeback. Momentum shifts. Hope springs. Soon, you’re unstoppable.

Hang on. We’re just getting cranked up here. I can’t wait.