Been Busy Lately

I believe that there is a gigantic calendar for the cosmos where all events are secretly scheduled. It’s just a personal belief. It could be a galactic Facebook page or an interstellar notebook of some kind. But it’s out there. And it has my name on it. And probably pictures of puppies.

I believe this odd thing because every time I get busy something important happens in my life. Or three important somethings. Or seven.

The converse is also true. Every time something important happens a thousand unimportant things pop up to compete.

Boredom Begats Boredom

On the other hand, when nothing important is going on then boredom sets in like concrete. No one calls. No one friends me on Facebook. (I think I may be addicted.) And no work pours in.

It’s very easy to stay in this doldrum. I have to do exactly nothing. I don’t have to think or plan or write or invent. I don’t have to log hours, invoice anyone or answer urgent emails. (Like such a thing exists.)

The Cosmic Calendar leaves me alone, as long as I sit still.

Don’t Move!

But just let me try to do something, to even think about doing something significant, and watch out. All manner of ridiculously urgent things occur.

Parking tickets are written, car tags expire, batteries die, tires flatten, dogs eat socks, heads are bumped, remotes stop working, neighbors visit, traffic jams, prescriptions run out of refills, library books go overdue, companies close.

(Insert your list here)

Sometimes the urgent is important

But more often the most important things are easily overlooked because they don’t make noise. They don’t demand attention. They are usually totally void of urgency. No one will call you up and demand that you have an important life by the stockholders meeting this Friday.

You will never see a commercial interrupt a prime time TV show to remind you to do the right thing.

Crowd-Free Zone

If you’re going to do something significant with your life, you will most likely have to do it alone, quietly, without fanfare. It will be hard. It might make other people angry, or uncomfortable.

Because important things aren’t entertaining. They do not make others feel good about insignificant choices they may have made. They  challenge others by contrast.

There will always be something else to do that’s easier, that feels better, that makes you more money, that garners more fame, that gathers more votes, that gets you more Facebook friends and retweets.

Built-in Excuse With Rinse Cycle

You can blame it on the economy or the battle between good and evil or cultural decline but the world always has an encyclopedia of ready-made excuses for being average.

The people who have done the important thing have always fought these battles and done it anyway. In spite of. Instead of.

That’s what I’m trying to do. Now, more than ever. You can watch my failures here. But they don’t matter.

As long as I stand back up and try again.


Photo: by jdrephotography via Flickr

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