I do not have the capacity or the time to conspire to such heights of evil as you ascribe to me. I don’t have the energy or endurance to hate you that much. I don’t have the focus or force of will required to generate that amount of malevolence.

Who do you think I am that I have the ability to thwart your dreams? I can’t even achieve my own dreams. Just wait until I take a nap and then take over the world. I’d never know.

Don’t allow the sand of hatred or the grit of blame to clog the machinery of your dreams.

Do good. Make your dreams a reality if you can. I will stand in amazement and applaud your achievement and use your success as inspiration.

Hate is a wretched waste of limited time. Blame is a pitiful excuse. No one cares enough to hate you.

God finds reason enough to love you. I’ll take His word for it. Will you take His word about me?


(Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash)

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