The Great Hoax

The reason we have so much trouble with guns is that society can’t deal with the fact that mankind is capable of evil. It is much easier for us to blame an object than deal with our own capacity for violence.

If it is not the gun, then it is us.

And if we are not good, then we are not gods. And if we are not gods, then God is. And He is right and we are wrong. And in need of salvation. And the hoax of modern society is exposed.

The Proof

But all we have to do to prove mankind’s savage nature is to look at history. Recent history. The reason violence will always exist is because violence works. It solves problems. Quickly. Then violence becomes the problem.

Now, given mankind’s historical tendency toward violence using any means necessary, one thing is clear. The only way to totally disarm a man is to deprive him of a body.

Man is little limited by denying him guns and knives. He will use herbs and poison, science and plutonium, trees and baseball bats, gravity and nooses, hands and feet.

Had Cain been deprived of a world of stones, he would still have found a way to kill Able.

Because violence is born in the hearts of humans, it is only there that it can be extinguished. But that is spiritual work. And to try to force that transformation creates more violence.

Plan B

The next best solution is a ready defense. We must replace the fear of God with the fear of death. The mad idea of mutually assured destruction did not begin with the nuclear age. It has always existed. Because it is the only thing that always works.

For it to work, our defense must be as powerful as the attack. Since we are not physically equal, it must be an external equalizer. It must be equally available and quickly accessible. Against the most violent, seconds can be too long.

The only tool we have that can defend the weakest among us from the most violent among us is a gun.

Any law which denies this defense condemns someone to death. Any law which limits our choice gives the advantage of that choice to the most violent.

Governments are merely people, wielding the multiplied powers of leadership and law. They are no less prone to violence than any other person.

This makes governments capable of violence on a global scale. This greater threat requires an even greater defense. That is why our own government is fractured into three competing parts – to spread the power.

But power seeks consolidation.

Countering The Threat

Inherent in leadership is the fact that followers are more numerous than leaders. This is the final balance of power. Governments endlessly seek to thwart that balance with violence.

It’s happening right now around the world.

In China, for example, “president” Xi has consolidated power and is moving to eliminate his greatest threat – the church. It has been growing like mad despite communist oppression. Because love knows no borders.

The only other thing in history ever to limit the power of government, besides another government, is fear of its own people.

We have, after millennia, devised a two-stage defense: votes and arms. As long as we all agree to abide by votes, the arms are unnecessary.

Any corruption of the process inevitably leads to the final option.

The Greatest Violence

Since modern governments have the power to destroy the world, we must accept the remedy of accessible weapons to contain the greater threat of global extinction.

War is the greatest violence of all.

And that is why guns are the problem. And that is why guns are the solution. And that is why love is the final answer.

And God is love.

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