The Silent Courage

We overlook the bravest among us because they don’t match our idea of courage. The quiet act of standing, the silent stoop to serve, the whisper of encouragement, the hand opening to share, these things go uncelebrated.

Sitting with someone in pain or grief requires the courage to go where there are no answers, and the fortitude to stay there. Praying for someone in private will not win you a medal. Persistence in the face of criticism and ridicule does not garner applause.

But if a sparrow falling to the ground does not escape God’s attention, if He sees what is hidden in our hearts, then He unquestionably takes note of silent courage.

The most important moments of your life do not happen when you are standing in the spotlight taking your bows. They happen in unheralded silence, while you are lying flat on your back in pain, when you make the unheard decision to get back up.

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