Every day is a new beginning.

Every day is starting over.

That means we get a chance to start fresh.

It also means we have to start from the beginning.

Choices have to be made again, commitments reaffirmed, goals reset, dreams reassessed.

It’s like breaking camp on a long journey. The day to day dressing, cooking, cleaning, packing and setting out are not the reason for the trip. But most of our life is spent doing these things.

If we spend our lives getting there then how we get there is almost more significant than where we are going.

Because we really can’t guarantee where we will end up. There are too many adventures to encounter on the trip, too many unknowns, too many twists in the trail caused by the terrain of the day to be certain.

Our path in life is set more by dogged determination than by a map app.

In a very tangible way we decide every morning who we are going to be more than where we will arrive. It is the repetitious choosing that makes the man.

It’s what we decide to carry. It’s how we decide to treat the people we meet. It’s in how we choose our fellow travelers and how we live with them on the path.

Are people obstacles or opportunities? Are our plans more important than people?

If we are not careful, we risk getting to our destination battered and alone, wondering if it was worth the trip.

Or we could end up where we didn’t plan, having had a great adventure with wonderful companions and fine tales to tell.

My goal is to make the trip worth the telling.


Photo: Verdant Path, Las Trampas, Alamo, CA by John-Morgan via Flickr

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