Things Change

Things change in massive ways every day.

The pictures above were taken seventy-eight days apart – less than three months.

I don’t know what the temperature was in February but the temperature yesterday hit 88 degrees.  That’s more than fifty degrees above freezing, at least.

(Yes, this is my granddaughter. Yes, she is awesome.)

Nobody Bats An Eye

Nobody even thinks this is unusual. We take it in stride. We pull out warm, fuzzy caps or swimsuits. We drink hot chocolate or iced tea. We sit in the sun or the shade. It’s no big deal.

We adapt easily . . .
– because we have to
– because we think it’s normal
– because conditions have changed
– because it’s what we do.
– because it’s who we are!

Alpha Changers

Think about that. It’s who we are. We are masters of change. The most flexible species on the planet. Alpha changers!

People give cockroaches too much credit. WE are the survivors. We eat change for breakfast. We sip it for dinner. We have it for dessert and midnight snacks!

In fact, if things don’t change we complain about it. We love the heat now but just wait until the middle of summer and we will be dreaming of hot fires, snowmen and ski trips.

We’ll forget about garden fresh vegetables and luscious fruit. We will – you can count on it – complain.

Moms will get tired of kids everywhere under their feet and start dreaming of school supplies. New winter coats will hit the racks and kids will start their Christmas lists.

We Thrive On Change

We go shopping for something new to have a little change. We don’t really need another (insert whatever you bought lately here), we just want it.

A new hair style, new clothes, a new lawnmower or breakfast cereal is what we want. We look for new places to travel, new ways to make money, new ways to beat the traffic.

We even need new news! And please make it live and up to the minute lest we be burdened with something that happened in the distant past, say like ten minutes ago.

It’s Often Better

It’s odd that we should have to think about this at all but much of the change that happens is for the better.

Good things happen all the time. Good things happen to everybody. Things improve. Life is good.

And we didn’t even do anything. Good just happens.

So . . .

– Why are we afraid of change?
– Why do we feel stuck?
– Why do we feel powerless?
– Why do we think we can’t do anything about it?
– Why do we give up and let today stagnate back into yesterday?


Just imagine if you had more control than you think.

Imagine you could change things for the better. Imagine what kind of life you would create, what kind of family, what kind of job, what kind of world.

That’s all. That’s enough for today.

Just imagine . . .