I’m going to say this clearly one time: your vote is your voice.

You people had the chance to vote for an honorable family man who would never think of saying nasty things about women but you were so afraid a conservative Christian might challenge you to moral behavior that you chose a braggadocios billionaire playboy instead.


You have now left me with the choice between a reprobate socialist who wants to disarm us, destroy religious freedom and eliminate our borders or a reprobate capitalist who has only now repented.

But my worst scorn is held for 75% of Christians who didn’t even vote. If you truly lived your chosen faith we wouldn’t be having this discussion. God will hold you responsible for your silence.

As for me, I will vote for the capitalist who says he wants constitutional conservatives on the Supreme Court, secured borders and a strong military. He is the only one left who sees the coming catastrophe and stands firmly against it.

He’s no Ronald Reagan but he might be Winston Churchill.


Image: Deitrich Bonhoeffer's Study