This morning, for some reason, all of my Facebook friends ganged up on me with a lot of uncalled for positive thoughts before I even made my coffee. I hadn’t even had a chance to wake up enough to be grumpy. Seriously, folks! Don’t you have better things to do?

They started quoting inspirational people and posting scripture. There were beautiful pictures and happy memes. There were smiling faces and cute kids. There were positive lists, always the lists. People were grateful about things. One of them even asked who they could pray for today, as if there’s not enough trouble to go around. Then they got really serious and started posting pictures of dogs being cute. Not fair at all.

That was the last straw. I finally broke. I smiled.

I sat there thinking that this cup of coffee was wasted. All of that beautiful caffeine unneeded. The warm cup and rich smell made pointless.

Then my dog got the idea that my smile meant we were going on a walk. That wasn’t happening but she was insistent. I finally met her halfway and took her for a ride with the windows down. There were no clouds to be seen, plenty of fresh air and people out exercising.

But I see their plan. They’re health nuts trying to get into my brain and make me start exercising. They want me to be positive. Ha!

So I went to church, certain that would drain away all this unnecessary enthusiasm. Guilt and condemnation for all. But instead of being dour, everyone was smiling. The preacher bypassed the fire and brimstone to talk about redemption and forgiveness. And there’s that gratitude thing again.

If this keeps up I’ll be happy all day.

But not to worry. There’s always Monday. I’ll read the news for breakfast. Everything will be okay. As long as I stay away from Facebook.

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