I’ve got a beautiful day before me. It is my great opportunity. It is the now that I get to celebrate.

I want to do everything today.

I want to lose weight, increase my income, become more productive, clean my messes, do my taxes and create world peace.

I probably won’t.

Because today is sunny. Because today is Saturday. Because many of these things are indoors. Because, if I don’t enjoy the sun today, it won’t be there tomorrow.

Then there’s vitamin D. I need that, right?

Oh, wait, nature lowers my blood pressure.  That’s a good one. Also, sitting causes all sorts of health problems.

And the mountains. God made the mountains so beautiful that he must have meant for me to appreciate them.

If I don’t do it, who will? It’s kind of my duty. Right?

Okay, I finally convinced myself. I’m going to try to see the day.

What to do?

Here’s what I did on my last really beautiful day:

Beautiful day today. Thought I’d take advantage of it.

Dog Park

Took Nessie to the dog park early enough to have it to ourselves. Throwing, fetching, running, digging, lapping, sniffing. All great fun when mixed with the sound of the frogs from the drainage pond below. It’s enough to make me think of spring.


Hey, I had to.

Rock City

Mom’s favorite walk is around the “park” as they call it. Big rocks, mountain views, waterfalls, brilliant blue sky.


Now it’s off to, get ready, “The Chicamauga Creek Gorge Pocket Wilderness Area.” What an involved name. I call it the canyon. I looked up the difference between canyon and gorge and there is none – except canyon reminds me of somewhere out west.

After that my notes just stopped. I don’t know what I did. I was having too much fun.

Isn’t that great?


Photo: Rock and Shadow on Walden’s Ridge by Dennis Ritchie


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