I mentioned before that the plan to write a book in full view might have some bumps in the road. I thought I might even have to go back and re-write some things. Tonight, I am wrestling with a difficult section where Suzie and I have diverging recollections.

General anesthesia has also been described as “general amnesia” by anesthesiologists and they admit science is still mystified by how it works and even what consciousness is. This means Suzie’s memory has gaps of days at a time. So, when she specifically remembers the details of an event differently than I do, I tend to trust that it was a recollection determined to be remembered.

My goal is to be accurate, truthful but not meandering and that means rewriting. I’d love to make this a smooth, seamless experience for you but occasionally I’m going to hit my limitations. The last two weeks have been full of bumps and redirection about how we’re going to proceed here. But thankfully the question is not IF we’re going to proceed here.

In fact, we’ve arranged our priorities so that this year should work out better than ever for the book and the blog. It’s a matter of focus. They say the only way to find your limitations is to run into them. They forgot to mention that I’d run into them so soon. But, the longer I explain (complain, whine, excuse), the less writing I’ll get done.

I’d really like to thank you for your patience as I get back to work.

Celebrating the challenge,