Vacations are recess for adults. It’s playing hooky for people out of school. They are a reward for all your hard work.

You don’t really need a reason to take a vacation. But if you haven’t taken a vacation lately then maybe you need some inspiration.

Without going into scientific studies and thinking too hard, I could only come up with fifty-nine reasons to take one.

I’m sure there are more. I’ll let you know when I get back.

Assuming I come back . . .

  1. It’s fun
  2. It gives you perspective
  3. It reminds you how wide and varied God’s green Earth is
  4. You will renew your spirit
  5. You meet new people
  6. You might eat something weird – and like it.
  7. You see wildlife
  8. It’s fun
  9. You live longer
  10. You have less stress
  11. You are less depressed
  12. You have fewer heart attacks
  13. It’s fun
  14. You’ll hear some new music
  15. You might dance
  16. You reconnect with loved ones
  17. You might just spice up your love life
  18. You are more creative
  19. It makes home look better
  20. It makes you smarter
  21. You will work harder when you get back
  22. The anticipation is as beneficial as the event
  23. You will learn something
  24. You will see new scenery
  25. You will smile
  26. You might pretend to be a secret agent
  27. You will be more flexible
  28. You might try something new
  29. You will see more possibilities
  30. You will solve more problems
  31. You could laugh
  32. You will be more productive
  33. You will be less lonely
  34. It heals emotional wounds
  35. You will see nature
  36. You will remember why you’re working
  37. You might enter the creative flow state
  38. You will come up with new ideas
  39. You will explore new options
  40. You won’t feel your life is slipping by unexplored
  41. You won’t feel left out the next time someone says carpe diem
  42. You will exercise your inner explorer
  43. You could lower your blood pressure
  44. You might take some embarrassing pictures
  45. Your inner child will get some exercise
  46. You could surprise your kids
  47. Or your spouse
  48. It stretches your imagination
  49. It prevents burnout
  50. You could sunburn something
  51. You might ride something fun
  52. It improves your mental health
  53. It relaxes you
  54. You might get wet
  55. You will find muscles you’ve forgotten about
  56. You might have an adventure
  57. You could read that book you’ve been saving
  58. You will be happier before, during and after
  59. It’s fun!!

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