A Week of Chaos

This will be a week of design chaos. I’m going to change everything. I thought of shutting the site down and being nice and organized but that would be less fun. Instead, let the chaos ensue!

I’m going to add some categories and prepare for the next great adventure . . . wait for it . . . A Podcast!

In it, I, along with some guests, will talk about Christianity, Courage, the Constitution, Creativity and the (wrecked) Culture from my odd perspective.

First and foremost I am a Christian, husband, dad, “Granddaddy” (my favorite title), recording engineer, producer, professor, Southerner, avid reader, science buff, creative, businessman, and purveyor of dad jokes (You have been warned).

My main topic is creating courage for the adventure of your life.

But FIRST, I have to take a wrecking ball to my website. Results of my progress will appear here. May you have a brave and blessed day! The adventure awaits.

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