Now that we have a new puppy in the house, I have several additional duties, one being carpet cleaning. Between the massive shedding of double-layered chocolate Laborador Retriever fur, paw prints and the occasional accident, it’s a regular requirement like taking out the garbage.

It’s a thankless job. Nessie, our puppy, has never once thanked me.

In fact, this last time she was so involved in doing battle with the mind-altering, hair-raising, carpet cleaner dragon that she got tangled in the cord and pulled the plug out sideways, killing the terrifying beast.

Viiictoooorryyyyyy! The crowd roared. Score: Nessie – 1. Bissell – 0

As you can imagine, playing the part of the dragon can be discouraging. Who wants to be their own dog’s worst nightmare? Besides, I haven’t figured out a way to look manly while essentially vacuuming.

My inner voice is less than helpful, saying things like,”Buck up, Buttercup,” while leaning against a dark corner of my brain in a leather motorcycle jacket. I don’t know what your inner voice wears but mine is pretty macho and prone to heckling.

Yesterday, at some point during the process, my subconscious mind came up with the perfect solution to drown out the snarking. All it takes to turn cleaning into an adventure is a theme song. I realized I was humming my own underscoring while dragging the heavy machine across the floor.

It was perfect. It was challenging, inspirational and smile-inducing. What song did my funny brain come up with to make household chores suitable to my testosterone level? (I take no conscious credit for this and blame it all on the dark corners of my head.)

The Indiana Jones Theme, of course.

Get the full carpet-cleaning scene firmly in your head, then mentally turn on this soundtrack. It works, right? Don’t tell me you won’t do this.

For those who need a refresher, here are a few reminders. Enjoy . . .

The Indiana Jones Theme – LEGO style!


The Original 1981 Trailer – notice the theme wasn’t quite as developed.


Best Full five minute version I could find


Photo: Mosey as Indiana Jones by by Mark Gstohl via Flickr