Author: Dennis Ritchie

The Personal Cost of Setting People Free

Yesterday, a friend posted a long article about being free from politics. He was downright giddy. His great revelation was how blind he’d been and how it made no difference and how he’d only been making people angry and destroying his life. Now, after his epiphany, everything was great and he was free and happy. Smiley face. But everything is politics In a world dominated by state-funded experts, there is no subject you can talk about that hasn’t been politicized. Name one. From my GMO food to my government specified toilet, from the beginning of my court-approved life to...

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Quote To Self: Johnny Cash On Failure

A good quote can pack a lot of wisdom into few words. Like a song lyric, it is easy to remember. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you as Quotes To Self. They’re really for me but you can look over my shoulder . . .

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